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Woman of color posing with graduation hat and veterans stole from OSU Cascades


Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces can go to college.

The advice and information on how to prepare for college also applies to veterans. You may also be able to get extra money and support to go to college.

Before going to college

Learn about education benefits.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the best source for information about veterans’ education benefits. The VA Regional Education Office for Oregon may be able to help with other questions.

Explore your options.

Choose a college that’s a good fit. Confirm that the college or university is approved for veteran benefits.

Research additional ways to pay for college.

In Oregon, eligible veterans have additional options to help pay for college, including the following:

  • Nonresident in-state tuition: Even if you are not yet a permanent resident of Oregon, veterans pay in-state tuition at public colleges for undergraduate programs. Graduate students pay reduced out-of-state tuition. Contact a college’s financial aid office for more information.
  • Voyager Tuition Assistance: Did you serve as active duty personnel in a combat zone on or after 9/11 in the Oregon National Guard or Reserves? You may get more money to pay for tuition and fees beyond your federal military benefits. Contact a college’s financial aid office for more information.
  • Statewide apprenticeships: You can use veterans’ benefits for apprenticeship programs offered through the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. Veterans can help establish programs by contacting the Apprenticeship and Training Division.

Find support.

Contact a college’s Veterans Services Office to learn about support services available for veterans.