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How to transfer colleges

Smiling graduate of Lane Community College


There are many reasons why you might decide to change or transfer colleges. Talk to advisors at both your current and future college.

Why transfer colleges

Over a third of students change colleges at some point. Students transfer colleges for many reasons, including:

Getting a different degree

Many students start at a community college and transfer to a university to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

Changing program or major

Often, students transfer colleges to study a specific program or major.

College fit

This may be any number of factors including location, size, social scene, or campus culture.

Financial needs

The cost of college can factor into the decision to change colleges.

Explore your options

Explore your options and make a list of colleges you want to transfer to.

Oregon Transfer Days

Learn more about transferring to a 4-year college in Oregon. Events take place in January or March at each community college.

Make sure you're on track

Research admission requirements for each college to make sure you're on track. Requirements for transfer students may be different than for first-year students. In general, admissions offices will pay more attention to your grades in college than your grades in high school.

You may need to apply as a first-year student if you don't meet a minimum number of transferable credits.

See how your college credit will transfer

Talk to an advisor at your current institution as well as the college you plan to transfer to. You may need a minimum grade for the classes to transfer while other credits might not transfer at all.

Oregon Transfer Compass

Help transfer credits between Oregon colleges.

  • Core Transfer Maps: 30+ credits (eight classes) at Oregon community colleges that transfer as a block to any Oregon public university.
  • Oregon Transfer Module: 45 credits at Oregon community colleges that transfer as a block to any Oregon public university.
  • Statewide Transfer Degree: 90 credits at Oregon community colleges that transfer to any Oregon public university and cover all general education requirements. Includes the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) and the Associate of Science Oregon Transfer (ASOT) for Business or Computer Science.

Apply by the deadline

There may be a specific transfer student application. You will need to order a transcript from the registrar at each of the colleges you have attended. In some cases, you will need transcripts from your high school as well.

Apply for financial aid and scholarships

Complete the FAFSA or ORSAA every year you are in college.

Apply for scholarships. Look for ones specifically for transfer students, including: