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How to explore careers

Women's graduation cap decorated with image of welder from Clackamas Community College


What you want to do as a career determines the type of education or training beyond high school you will need.

Consider passions and strengths

What do you like to do? What are your favorite classes in school? Your interests and strengths can be a window into potential careers.

Start with a fun, 1-minute psychometric color test or get more in-depth with a careers assessment.

Research career options

Explore a wide variety of options. Think about the type of work you enjoy and the lifestyle you want. Do you want to work outside or in an office? With people or by yourself? What is an average salary for each job?

Get more in-depth career information and find out the education you need. Use resources like:

Occupations in demand in Oregon


Hear from professionals

Take advantage of guest speakers, career fairs and videos to hear from professionals in industries you're interested in. Use your family, friends and the community to network and make connections. Ask about their educational journey and what advice they have for getting started in your career field.

Try it out

Take classes at your school related to your career interests. Take a wide variety of electives including art, music, business, and CTE classes.

Volunteer, seek out an internship, or ask if you can job shadow with a local business to get hands-on experience and understanding of a particular career. Talk to a counselor or teacher at your school for help.

Explore programs and majors

Some careers may require a specific program or major or a minimum degree. Other careers do not. Take a quiz to determine your possible college major.

Find programs and majors available at Oregon’s public community colleges and universities.