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  • You can go to college.
    College is for people like you. You are college material, regardless of your circumstances.
    There are people and programs that will help you and want to see you succeed.
  • Open yourself
    to the possibilities.
    College is any type of education or training beyond high school.
    There are lots of college options – choose the one that fits your needs.
  • Build a better future.
    Education or training beyond high school is important.
    A college degree gives you more opportunities and a better life.

Start your journey to college.

You can go to college.

Learn about your options for careers and colleges.

Get organized.

Make a list of deadlines and the information you will need.

You can afford college.

Learn ways you can pay for education after high school.

Make your decision carefully.

Discover how to be successful in college.

Get the information and resources you need.

We make preparing for college easier.

Screenshot of college checklists

You can do this. Learn how to get ready for college, no matter what grade you're in.

Your support matters. Find out how to help the students in your life be successful.

You're busy and we want to help. Use our resources to support your work with students.

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