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Explore your options for education beyond high school.

You can go to college. College is for people like you.

Education or training beyond high school is important. A college degree gives you more opportunities and a better life.

College is any type of education and training beyond high school.

What you want to do as a career determines the type of education or training beyond high school you will need.

There are many college options. Find ones that will be a good fit by thinking about your future goals, needs and preferences.

There are hundreds of colleges, universities, and career and trade schools in Oregon. Explore your options!

Most trades requires some education or training beyond high school. Learn how to prepare for a career in the trades.

There are several pathways to the military that include college: using tuition benefits after enlisting, joining ROTC while in college, or attending a military school.

You have many choices if you want to study art, theater, music or dance in college.

There are lots of ways to play sports in college. Explore your options.

Many colleges and organizations in Oregon offer summer camps and programs.

Undocumented or DACA-mented students can go to college. In Oregon, they have several ways to help pay for college.

It’s never too late to start or return to college. Whether you are starting school for the first time, returning to finish a degree, or changing careers, you can go to college.

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces may be able to get extra money and support to go to college.

Browse our list of key college terms.