Where to Find Scholarships in Oregon

Where to Find Scholarships in Oregon

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  • Feb 01, 2021
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There are thousands of scholarships that will give you money for college. But your best chance of earning a scholarship is to focus on opportunities locally. Specifically, look for scholarships from:

Oregon colleges

Colleges give scholarships for good grades (aka academic merit), personal or family background, specific programs or majors, and/or special talents (including musical and athletic if the college is NCAA Division I or II or NAIA). Check for deadlines if you need to fill out an additional scholarship application.

State or local foundations and organizations

The more local the scholarship, the more likely you are to win! Check with your counseling office or college & career center for opportunities specifically for your high school or region.

State or local membership organizations

Some scholarships require that you (or your parents) are a member.

State or local companies / employers:

Companies may provide scholarships to any student who meets the criteria or only to employees and/or children of employees.

  • Sub Pop: Students from Oregon or Washington interested in music and/or the creative arts
  • Papa’s Pizza: Employee for at least one year or dependent of employee
  • Precision Castparts: Children of Oregon employees

Start your search today by checking in with your high school's counseling office or college & career center, exploring the OSAC scholarship catalog, and visiting our scholarships page!