The Advice College Students Wish They Knew

The Advice College Students Wish They Knew

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  • Dec 10, 2018
Lightbulb thoughts

College students share the things they wish they had known while in middle and high school.

Get involved in middle and high school.

Studying counts!

  • Do your best to earn good grades - they matter for college and scholarships.
  • Go to all of your classes. Attendance counts!
  • Discover how you learn best and adopt strategies to support your learning style.
  • Build good habits now to get ready for college.
    • Learn how to take notes, make outlines, and do research.
    • Doing well in school is like getting good at a sport – you need to practice in order to improve.
  • Ask for help from your teachers, parents, counselors, tutors, or friends or use online resources.

Get involved at college.

  • Try something new. Join student groups and community activities.
  • Practice your leadership skills in a student group, comunity organization or at a job.
  • Make a plan for summer.
    • Consider summer classes, internships or research, special programs or a job.
  • Volunteer for an organization or cause you care about.

Apply for scholarships.

  • Make a list of scholarships and apply for any available to you now.

Expect more from yourself.

  • Set academic and personal goals for the year.
    • Know that any setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow.

Be true to yourself.

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