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CAW 2013 Video

Participants from Oregon's 2013 College Application Week share their thoughts about what CAW meant for them.


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College Application Week 2014

Press Release: College Application Week 2014


Contact: Adrienne Enriquez, College Application Week State Coordinator, 503-725-2914, adrienne_enriquez@ous.edu

Nationwide Initiative Helps Students Apply to College

College Application Week events to be held November 3-14 at 85+ sites in Oregon


It's A Plan: Senior Year Checklists

Senior year is fun. It's hectic. It's full of memories. And on top of everything that's happening at high school, it's the time when students add one more critical job to their often-full plate.

It is when students put their plan into motion for taking the next step in life: college.


“We saw students who had been avoiding doing their applications, all from the stellar student to the student who is academically struggling. They felt supported, cared about, and encouraged.”

—2012 Site Coordinator




In 2013, 1,254 students applied to 99 colleges and universities in 23 states.



“The true impact will never be known. There is at least one person graduating because of College Application Week. They got their senior portfolio done because they saw the relevance of what was needed.”

— 2012 Site Coordinator



“Word's out to the junior class already. We have no choice but to continue hosting College Application Week. There might be a mutiny if we did not.”

—2012 Site Coordinator



On average, students submitted 1.17 applications each during Oregon College Application Week 2013.



“I wouldn't have applied without College Application Week. I couldn't have even done this at home!”

—Senior, Taft 7-12 High School



“College Application Week helped me apply for colleges I didn't even know I would like to attend.”

—Senior, Yoncalla High School



“CAW is so worth it. The kids were so incredibly happy and excited about college and I'm certain it'll ease my workload come spring time. It was a fun event for our entire community. We'll be back again next year for sure.”

—2013 Site Coordinator