Why Go to College?


Why go to college?

There are many benefits to going to college - both personal and financial.


New Experiences, People and Places

Whether you go to a community college near your hometown, a state school a few hours away, or a private school in another state, you will have the opportunity to meet people and make friends from different places.

Explore Interests and Passions

Take a wide variety of classes, get involved with student clubs and activities and pick a career path. It's ok to not know exactly what you want to do when going to college - use some of the time to explore options.


Education pays! College graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn about 65% more than high school graduates. The jobs that require a college degree are more likely to have health insurance and retirement plans, as well.

Job Security and Satisfaction

By 2020, 70% of jobs in Oregon will require some type of education or training after high school. Individuals with college degrees have a lower unemployment rate than those with only a high school diploma and are more likely to view their work as important.

Health and Happiness

College graduates are more likely to report being in excellent or good health, more likely to be involved in their community and more likely to report being happy.


"The purpose of college is not just … to transmit skills. It’s also to widen your horizons, to make you a better citizen, to help you to evaluate information, to help you make your way through the world, to help you be more creative."

President Barack Obama, September 14, 2015