College Entrance Requirements


College Entrance Requirements

College entrance requirements vary based on the type of college, how selective it is and many other factors.

Each college may have slightly different admission requirements; be sure to check each college website for specific requirements. There may be exceptions; talk to your counselor or college adviser about your options. See if you're on track with our Right Classes worksheet.


Requirement Community College in Oregon 4-Year Public University in Oregon 4-Year Independent, Not-for-Profit University in Oregon
High School Diploma or GED
Minimum High School GPA   2.50-3.00 varies
High School Courses   C- or better in all core classes A's and B's in rigorous courses for selective colleges
English 4 credits 4 credits 4 credits
Math 3 credits (Algebra I and above) 3 credits (Algebra I and above) 3+ credits (Algebra I and above)
Science 3 credits (2 labs) 3 credits (2 labs) 3+ credits
Social Science 3 credits 3 credits 3+ credits
Second Language   2 credits 3+ credits
SAT or ACT   optional may be required
Personal Essay   may be required may be required
Letter(s) of Recommendation     may be required

Although not required, colleges also look for involvement in school and community activities such as sports, clubs, student government, volunteering and part-time jobs.

Requirements for transfer students may be different than for first-year students. In general, admissions offices will pay more attention to your grades in college than your grades in high school.