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It's A Plan app

Apply, pay and go to college in 10 key steps.

Complementing our 12th grade checklist, the app helps seniors apply, pay and go to college in 10 key steps. Stay on track and store the information you need, including a secure area for passwords and Social Security numbers. Available for iOS and Android.


It's A Plan app - Checklist

Use the checklist to apply, pay and go to college.

My Plan

It's A Plan app - My Plan

Store key information in one place.

College & Scholarship List

It's A Plan app - Colleges

Add as many colleges and scholarships as you like.


It's A Plan app - Calendar

Keep track of deadlines and receive notifications of upcoming due dates.


It's A Plan app - Passwords

Securely store usernames, passwords, and Social Security numbers for your applications.

Key Information

It's A Plan app - 5 Things

Learn the most important things about applying, paying and going to college.

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Privacy Policy

The It's A Plan app does not collect personal data. All information provided by the user is stored locally on the device.


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