Decision Day

Decision Day

Celebrate students' post-high school plans with Decision Day activities!

Oregon Decision Day (DD) is a celebration of students’ plans for continuing their education or training after high school. DD events and activities can stand on their own, but they are most successful when used as a follow up to College Application Week and College Cash Campaign efforts that have been ongoing throughout the school year. In addition, events and activities that help students and families begin the transition from high school to college should be considered part of your DD programming. Celebrations are often planned by a committed coordinator (or two!) and supported by the entire school community. The coordinator resources are designed to help you and your team plan the most effective events for your community.

Decision Day supports Better Make Room's College Signing Day initiative.

Coordinator Handbook

Step-by-step checklists and tips for planning a successful event.

Download the Handbook

Coordinator Resources

Download planning resources, templates and forms.

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Coordinator Survey

After your Decision Day event, please complete the survey by May 15.

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Whether or not you're able to celebrate in person this year, it's important to stay safe while doing so. We've got a few ideas of how you can do that.

Join the statewide celebration on social media.

1. Get info from seniors.

Ask students to send you a photo and their plan for next year – where they’ll be going to college, if they’re enlisting in the military, what job they’ll have.

Tip: Use our 12th Grade Exit Survey to gather this information, plus gain valuable insight into how they made their decisions.

2. Create photos and/or a video.

Use your favorite photo or video editing program or use our template below!

Tip: Download the Oregon Decision Day 2021 PowerPoint template. Follow the instructions to include your school colors and logo, add your students’ info and create a photo slideshow and/or video. See a sample.

3. Share on social media.

Use #itsaplan and tag Oregon Goes To College on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Example: David Douglas students took this on themselves, creating the Class of 2020 DDHS Instagram account, where they posted senior pictures along with post-high school plans.


Celebrate with your school or community.

The following ideas come from colleagues across the state and around the country who are finding new and creative ways to celebrate students virtually or with clear social distancing practices in mind. Take these ideas and make them your own! Be sure to take photos and share so all Oregonians can join in the fun!

Virtual Options

  • Host a school-wide social media spirit week. Ask students to post selfies each day. Make the last day College Day and encourage seniors to post a photo of themselves holding a sign or wearing gear that declares their future college plans.
  • Host a red carpet runway. Channel your inner reporter and host a live event on social media. Show students’ pictures and share their plans. Keep comments open so they can cheer each other on.
  • Host a virtual Signing Day on Zoom or Google Meet. Send Decision Day certificates to students so they can all join a virtual call and sign at the same time.

Socially Distant Physical Options

  • Window, door or lawn decorations. Encourage students to declare their intentions and hang them so they’re visible to the community. Set a deadline for doing this. Tell your community so they can search for students’ plans on their daily neighborhood walk.
  • Schedule a car parade. Decorate cars with college gear and drive through your community to show off your students’ plans.
  • Timed cheer. Encourage everyone in your community to cheer for students who have made their post-high school plans at a specific time on a designated day (we recommend choosing a day in late May).