Virtual Admissions Visits

Meeting with college representatives can be one way students learn about the academic offerings, campus culture, and financial aid options.The more information students have about each college, the more likely they are to apply for admission at schools that will be a good fit for them. This is true even in a virtual setting.

"Just having the opportunity for face to face (even over the screen) has opened doors for our students—we know it's hard for all colleges to get to our school, so this was huge for us."

Curious about what happens during a typical in-person visit or what the benefits are for students, high schools, and colleges? The Rural & Small Town Special Interest Group of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has answers! Watch their webinar "What's a high school visit?" to learn more.

Instructions for High Schools

1. Sign up for a free RepVisits account.
Indicate you're planning for virtual visits when you set up your appointment calendar.

2. Invite colleges to visit with your students.
Reach out to admissions staff to let them know they can schedule an appointment to meet your students via RepVisits.

3. Plan for the visit.
Use the best practices listed below for a successful visit.

Sign up for RepVisits

Instructions for Colleges

1. Search for Oregon high schools in RepVisits.
In a virtual world, it's easy to to schools far from home! Consider signing up for an appointment with students from a high school you don't normally get to in person.

2. Respond promptly.
Respond to the confirmation email as soon as possible to finalize details.

3. Plan for the visit.
Use the best practices listed below for a successful visit.




Preparation is key.

  • Schedule visits at least 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure high schools can recruit students and colleges can prepare.
  • Students should sign up ahead of time so they can be prepared and so colleges can have a sense of who the audience is. One high school staff member shared a successful strategy: “I prepped my students before we started by having them come up with questions to ask the representative. We wrote them on large pieces of paper which I post in the room before every visit.”

Communicate clearly.

  • Follow up on the RepVisits confirmation email to finalize details as soon as possible. The high school and college contacts should both have the link to the virtual platform prior to the visit.
  • Touch base by email to confirm the appointment 2-3 days before the visit. Exchange phone numbers so you can troubleshoot any technology issues on the day of the visit.

Utilize technology effectively.

  • Test the technology ahead of time. Participants need a computer with a strong internet connection, webcam, and microphone and access to a program that allows video chat such as Skype or Zoom.
  • Colleges can share a brief video or photos for a more interactive experience.
  • Practice patience and expect you may have technological glitches.

Consider it a normal visit.

  • As much as possible, virtual visits can follow a similar structure to in-person college visits with time for introductions, sharing key information and question and answers.
  • If students don’t show up, use 10-15 minutes of the scheduled time to meet with each other. High school staff can share information about the school and community. College staff can share what’s new or different on campus this year.