#whyapply in #fivewordsorless

#whyapply in #fivewordsorless

We launched our #whyapply social media campaign just about a week ago, and in that time we've had some great feedback!

Have you checked out our Facebook page yet? The submissions keep coming in - we've heard from

  • a Dundee, Oregon native who moved to Chicago after college and is making a living as a hip-hop artist and comedian
  • a three year old who was asked why big kids and adults should go to school
  • a chemist who had fun playing with liquid nitrogen while in school
  • teachers in Port Orford

You can see all these responses (and more!) in the Why Apply photo album.

We shared the idea with other state coordinators (remember that Oregon CAW is part of a much larger effort, including nearly 40 states), and several of them indicated that they want to jump on board and make this a national thing! I can just imagine the thrill of positive messages about higher education trending on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Can't you? We're going to need your help, as well as the help of your friends, family, and colleagues - and their friends, family, and colleagues - if we're going to make that happen.

Come on! You know you want to help!

If you're thinking you don't have the skills to put together an image or video, think again! Something as simple as you writing your thoughts on a piece of paper and snapping a photo is perfect for this. (But if you're into the idea of a little manipulation, pixlr.com is a free, online photo editor that's super user-friendly.)

Here's all you have to do: 

  • Answer the question "Why Apply (to any type of postsecondary education or training)?" in five words or less. These words don't have to form a sentence.
  • Make an image, photo, or video of your answer
  • Post it to your favorite social media platform and tag it with #whyapply and #fivewordsorless; if you're using Facebook, we ask that you post it directly on our page: https://www.facebook.com/OregonGoesToCollege/
  • Make sure privacy settings are public so we can find them. Alternatively, send your submission to Adrienne who will post it for you
  • Encourage your network to do the same! Anyone can participate - kids and adults; those with PhDs and those who've never taken a college class; Oregonians and those thousands of miles away.