Decision Day: Students

Decision Day

You're going to college! Get ready for this new chapter by following the steps below.


  • Decide where to attend college.

    Compare financial aid award letters carefully. Use our Comparing Costs & Financial Aid worksheet or Google Doc.

    Think carefully and critically about the pros and cons for each school – consider size, academics, cost, extracurricular options and more. Use our Making Your College Decision worksheet or Google Doc.

    Many colleges require a confirmation and initial deposit on May 1.

    Celebrate your decision with family, friends and teachers! Use #OregonDD and #CollegeSigningDay on social media.
  • Fill out forms and take tests.

    Colleges will send information that you need to fill out by certain deadlines: accepting financial aid, loan paperwork, housing and meal plan forms if you’re living on campus, and registering for orientation and/or classes.

    Confirm with your school counselor the college you will attend so the school can send your final transcript.

    AP exams are coming up and community colleges often have placement tests, so check to see if you can take them now while the material is still fresh. Get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast on the day of the tests.
  • Say thank you.

    Send your appreciation to scholarship providers, counselors, teachers, coaches, family – anyone who has supported you in getting to college.
  • Start thinking ahead.

    Be prepared for the transition to college! Create a reasonable budget and a way to track your expenses.

    Explore who’s available to help you on college campuses.

    Make a packing and supply list.

    Know what to expect from college classes.