College Cash Campaign: Coordinators

Help students apply for financial aid and scholarships by hosting College Cash Campaign events!

College Cash Campaign (CCC) is a school's collection of events and activities that are coordinated under one goal: ensuring that students have appropriate financial resources to attend college. In many cases, schools and communities already host financial aid nights or scholarship events. Oregon CCC assists schools in developing a cohesive message and calendar that brings all of these critical events under one umbrella. Individual events may be planned or hosted by various members of a school community, but the overall campaign is most successful when a committed coordinator (or two!) takes responsibility for developing the calendar. The coordinator resources are designed to help you and your team plan the most effective campaign for your community.

We send regular updates and reminders to help coordinators with planning. Have you missed one? Access the archives here.

Do you have examples of best practices that you’ve used to prepare for your College Cash Campaign event? Share them with your fellow coordinators! Submit your ideas, documents or photos by sending us a message (or post a quick tip to the Facebook page).


Download the Planning Checklist

Download Resources for Including Alumni in Your Campaign


CCC Logos: Color and Black & White
use these images on your newsletters, websites, or anything else you create for promoting your CCC events

Register for online training, designed for CCC coordinators, about FAFSA and ORSAA (for undocumented students in Oregon), presented by The College Place
FAFSA: watch the recorded session
ORSAA: watch the recorded session or review the slides

Register for online Oregon CIS training to learn how to find scholarships in CIS for your students and how to import information from a student's CIS Portfolio into the OSAC scholarship application's "Activities Chart."
Monday, January 11: 8:15am, 9:45am, or 11:15am
Tuesday, January 12: 2:00pm or 3:30pm

CCC "I Applied" Image
use this image on bulletin boards, posters, or anywhere you want to celebrate students' participation in CCC events

CCC FAFSA Completion Poster: Color and Black & White
use this 11"x17" poster to track your seniors' FAFSA completion rates; find your school's weekly progress reports from Federal Student Aid

Scholarship Week Toolkit
use this toolkit to plan an event when students can search for and complete scholarship applications; discover promising practices here

Self-print CCC 11"x17" Posters: Color and Black & White
post around your site to encourage participation

Financial Aid Toolkit
use this toolkit from Federal Student Aid to learn about federal aid, get training, and get tips on hosting a financial aid night; discover promising practices for events here

OSAC Scholarship Tools
find the catalog of scholarships and download worksheets for the full application, as well as for the activities resume and essay portions

Self-print CCC postcards
write in your school's details then print and mail home to families or to alumni to inform them of your CCC events and activities

FAFSA Demonstration Site
practice filing a FAFSA for a variety of student and family situations or use it for demonstration purposes during your FAFSA night presentation. To access, enter username: eddemo and password: fafsatest.

Scholarship List
links to Oregon-specific institutional and organizational scholarships as well as national search engines

Oregon Financial Aid Kahoot Quiz
test your students' and families' knowledge with this interactive 10-question quiz about financial aid, including some Oregon-specific information.

FAFSA on the Web Worksheet
fill out this worksheet to get ready for completing the FAFSA

School Information Poster
display prominently in the area where your event occurs so that students have easy access to common questions

Activity Planning Guide for Students
encourage students to plan an activity to build excitement in your community

Parent Engagement Toolkit
use this toolkit (and the included Parent Workshops: Financial Aid 101 and 102) to engage families in your events

Oregon IDA Initiative
help students and families learn how to turn their savings into matched funds for college

Tuition Equity Information and Affidavit Form
for undocumented students who are eligible for resident tuition at Oregon's public universities

Oregon Promise
download informational flyers, infographics, and videos (English and Spanish) about this grant for community college

College Funding Seminars
register to attend free seminars from the Oregon College Savings Plan

Photo Release Form
required for any photo or video documentation of students under 18 years of age

College Goal Oregon
find events in your area where students and families can receive free assistance in completing their FAFSA


Oregon Colleges Net Price Calculators
help students and families estimate the net price for Oregon's colleges and universities

CSS PROFILE/Financial Aid Interactive Presentation
learn how to assist students in completing this additional financial aid form required by ~300 private colleges and universities (in Oregon, these include Lewis & Clark College and Reed College)


Financial Aid Swat!
introduce or reinforce financial aid terms, information and deadlines in a fun, fast-paced activity