High schools and colleges around the country use RepVisits to schedule admissions visits and college fairs. Follow these three steps to let colleges know you're interested in virtual visits.

Copy the boxed text below and paste it into the appropriate section in your RepVisits account. Edit (or delete) the highlighted text to provide information for your school. Add any additional text that is specific to your school’s needs.

1. Sign up for RepVisits.

2. Use the Availability & Settings section of your RepVisit account to let colleges know you are interested in virtual visits.
Use the following language for your “Messaging Options”:

Confirmation Message

Thank you for signing up to visit with HIGH SCHOOL NAME’s students. Because our school welcomes both in-person and virtual visitors, we need to confirm some additional details to ensure we are prepared for your visit. Please respond to this message to let us know if your visit will be in-person or virtual.

If your visit will be virtual, (SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING)
our school has a virtual platform we use for video conferencing. Use this link to join us at your appointment time: PROVIDE LINK HERE
our school does not have a virtual platform available for video conferencing and ask that you host the visit. Please send a link where we can join you at your appointment time.

Please send XX copies of any printed materials you would like students to have to:

Special Instruction for RepVisits

Our high school welcomes both in-person and virtual visitors. Visits may be with (SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING) a small group of students who have expressed an interest in your college, a 9th/10th grade class, an 11th/12th grade class.  If you are signing up for a virtual admissions visit, your confirmation email will include additional details about how we can communicate regarding

  1. the virtual platform we’ll use;
  2. the number of students expected for the visit; and
  3. the contact person and school address where you can send printed materials.

3. Finish setting up your RepVisits account.

  • Use the calendar function to add visit times, focusing on fall visits so your 12th graders are best prepared for College Application Week in November.
  • Use Availability Settings to set a deadline for colleges to sign up and whether you want to manually approve their appointments.