College Application Week: Get Involved


Why host College Application Week?

What does it mean to be an official Oregon CAW site?

Official sites host an event during the month of November, dedicating time and space during their regular operating hours when students can complete their college applications with the assistance of staff and volunteers.

What does it cost to participate?

Most of our sites spend no money to host a CAW event, but the average among those that do spend money is $25. That money primarily goes to refreshments for volunteers and/or students. Many sites also request donations from local businesses to offset any costs they might incur. The greatest resource cost for sites is time spent by the coordinator and planning team. Our sites average 10 hours in planning time prior to the event. Several coordinators have told us that hosting CAW actually streamlines work they were already responsible for doing.

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Volunteers from the community are a critical part of College Application Week's success. Having adults on hand to answer questions helps support students in the college application process. Contact your local school's 2017 CAW coordinator to learn more about getting involved.



We value the important role that colleges and universities play as partners with our high schools and community-based organizations to make College Application Week a success. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Connect with prospective students: send a note to students on your prospect list who attend high schools that are hosting CAW events. Remind them that CAW is coming up and encourage them to consider using their school's event to submit an application to your school. You can find an updated list of sites (and their CEEB codes) here.
  • Support site coordinators/school counselors: contact site coordinators to let them know you're available to answer any questions they might have about the application process. If your institution has special or unusual requirements, consider writing up a brief (one-page) document that you can send to coordinators to have handy on the day(s) of their event.
  • Offer on-site admissions: if your school offers instant admissions, consider doing it during an official CAW event. These events are often high energy and full of excitement - students who are admitted to your school during CAW will be your best advocates in encouraging their friends to also apply. Plus, you'll have fun being there and seeing the enthusiasm and joy surrounding the initiative.
  • Volunteer at a local site: volunteering is an excellent way to meet students, assist them with their applications, and feel good about Oregon's future. Consider offering your special skills or talents as you volunteer - for example, English faculty can conduct essay writing workshops or career services professionals can assist students with resumes. Be creative in thinking about ways you can help! (Gentle reminder - CAW volunteers serve as resources for students, but they do not recruit for a specific college or university; think of this as a way to do some good community outreach on behalf of your institution)
  • Subscribe to our newsletter: keep up to date with CAW information by joining our mailing list. Be sure to include the name of your college or university so we can share the most relevant information with you.
  • Use social media: post on Facebook, tweet, or otherwise share your support for College Application Week via your various social media accounts.
  • Help alumni spread the word: distribute "Hi, My name is ... and I attended ..." signs or posters to alumni who own or work in businesses around the state and ask them to display them at their workplace.
  • Serenade CAW participants: send the college band to "band bomb" local high schools by showing up and playing celebratory music at the end of the school day during College Application Week.