College Application Week: Coordinator Resources

Help students prepare for their futures by hosting a College Application Week event!

College Application Week (CAW) is most successful with a committed coordinator (or two!) at each site. We recommend that coordinators work with a dedicated team of colleagues, volunteers, and students to develop a CAW event that is unique to the needs and interests of your community. As with most things, a successful CAW event is about being prepared. The coordinator resources are designed to help you and your students be as prepared as possible for your event.

Coordinator Handbook

Use the checklist below or download our PDF handbook for even more information.

Download the Handbook

Coordinator Resources

Download planning resources, templates and forms.

Download the Resources

Coordinator Survey

After your College Application Week event, please complete the survey by December 15.

Complete the Survey


  • Think ahead.

    Recruit your CAW team. Include a variety of people who will help plan and host your event - administrators, teachers, parents, and students are all good choices!

    Meet with your team to choose which days/week in November you'll host your event.

    Decide the format for your event.
          You might choose drop-in hours or scheduled class visits. You might focus on community college applications one day, public universities the next, and private and out-of-state colleges after that. You might ask college admissions staff to present to your students or have on-site admissions. It's your call! Decide what works best for your students and community.

    Plan school-wide activities to help make your event useful and fun.
  • Get ready.

    Review the Coordinator Handbook and materials.
          Contact Oregon GEAR UP with any questions. Email or use the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of this page.

    Reserve a computer lab, classroom, the library - wherever you plan to host your event.

    Add CAW to your school/organization calendar. Complete the Coordinator Updates & Dates form to let us know when you'll be hosting your event.

    Encourage students to download the free It's A Plan mobile app for iPhone and Android.
          The app guides students through the ten key steps to apply, pay, and go to college and provides a safe place to store important information they'll need to complete their applications - like SSNs, usernames, and passwords.
          The app is available in the Apple Store and GooglePlay (coming soon).

    Watch the mail for your supply of CAW posters and stickers. Make a plan for how you'll use them.
  • Spread the word.

    Distribute the CAW Overview for Teachers and Staff. Encourage them to participate in your activities & allow students to attend your events, and ask if they have additional ideas for ways to add college knowledge and readiness to their classes.

    Tell students and families about your event. Send a Student and Family Letter home.
          In addition to English, templates for these letters are available in the following languages: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Somali, and Vietnamese. Download a zip folder of the full set.

    Request a proclamation of College Application Week from your mayor or city council. 

    Join the national #whyapply campaign on social media. Tell the world why students should apply to your alma mater, the local university, or postsecondary education in general. Challenge your friends and colleagues to do it, too.


  • Recruit help.

    Request college gear, gift certificates, or other fun items from area colleges and local businesses. Use these for door prizes during your event.

    Recruit volunteers from the school and community. Volunteers can help before and after the event. They can assist with setting up, checking students in, and answering questions while students complete their applications.

    Work with your school's counseling staff to identify students who haven't applied to college yet.
          Send them special invitations to participate in your CAW event.

    Share your detailed CAW schedule, including any special activities, with teachers and school staff. Ask which elements they want to participate in or help with.
  • Remind everyone.

    Send a reminder home for students and families. Include suggestions of ways parents/guardians can help their senior prepare for the event.
          Hint: completing the "My Plan" section of the It's A Plan mobile app is one great way! For students who don't have the app on their phone, the College Application Worksheet will work too.

    Send a press release to your local media. Consider inviting them to send a reporter to cover the event.
  • Prepare for the big day(s).

    Confirm your volunteers.

    Hang posters and other signs around your building to advertise the event. Color posters came with your CAW mailing. If you need more, print black & white ones and ask students to decorate them.

    Double check that your district hasn't blocked oregongoestocollege.or or college/university websites from shared computers.

    Print a complete list of your senior class to use as a sign-in sheet during your CAW event. Include space to ask how many applications they submitted.
          If you can't print a class list, print a generic sign-sheet.

    Print copies of Oregon Public University Fee Deferral Forms and NACAC Fee Waiver forms to have on hand during your event.
          Print information about tuition equity for undocumented students. Have affidavit forms available for them. If your school has a notary public in the building, ask them to be available during your event for any students who might need them.


  • Prepare your space.

    Post important school information near computers.
    Open browsers on all computers to oregongoestocollege.org/caw/students.

    Designate a clear place where students will sign out so you can track who has participated and how many colleges they've applied to.

    Greet volunteers, give them a nametag, and assign them a job to do.
          Tip: Use the CAW "I Applied" stickers as nametags. Encourage volunteers to write the name of their alma mater(s) on the tag so students know they can ask more specific questions about the colleges.
  • Do it!

    Have fun!

    Help students apply to college. Celebrate their successes when they do.

    Remind students to complete the Student Survey after they have completed their college applications.

    Remind students to sign out on your sheet, including the number of applications they submitted.

    Post photos of your event to social media. Use #IApplied and tag Oregon Goes To College so we can share.
          Encourage students to celebrate themselves by adding the Oregon College Application Week profile frame to their Facebook profile picture.
  • Follow up.

    Complete the Coordinator Survey.

    Thank your volunteers.

    Send a press release to local media to encourage your community to celebrate your students' successes. Share any published stories on social media and tag Oregon Goes To College.

    Debrief with your CAW team. What went well? What will you change for next year?