Sharing Ideas: raffle off prizes!

Sharing Ideas: raffle off prizes!

Last year, Newport High School used the Donation Request Letter template to ask their area businesses to support their CAW event. They had no idea they'd be overwhelmed with positive responses. So what do you do when you have more prizes than you know what to do with? Make baskets! Gather several smaller prizes together to create one (or more) super enticing raffle prize. Check these out:

Students earned raffle tickets for completing various activities related to college awareness, readiness, or application. Then they dropped their tickets into the drawing for whichever basket(s) they most wanted to win. And the counseling staff drew winners' names the week after their CAW event.

Here's the list of activites Newport students completed to earn prizes last year (with some helpful hints, links, and resources added by us):

  • Apply to college
  • Be accepted to college
  • Get blackout in college bingo
  • Request a letter of recommendation
  • Complete the College Application Week Survey
  • Make a #whyapply video (this was last year's version of the #whyichose campaign)
  • Turn in a photo release form (so Newport could share photos with CAW)
  • Meet with a military recruiter
  • Study for the ASVAB
  • Complete pieces of your ASPIRE notebook
    • Transcript
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Resume
    • Activities Chart
    • SAT/ACT scores
    • FAFSA Worksheet
    • 1040 Taxes
    • Essays
    • Copies of scholarship applications

And we've got some other ideas of things students could do to earn a raffle ticket: 

  • Wear a college or university t-shirt/sweatshirt during College Application Week
  • Complete the College Application Worksheet before coming to the event
  • Meet with a college representative
  • Get your FAFSA pin number (if students have trouble remembering codes, encourage them to use the last 4 digits of their SSID)

As you plan your events, please share your ideas with us so we can pass them on to your colleagues! Find more by clicking on the green "Ideas that Work" icon to the right.