Don't Believe These Excuses Why You Can't Go To College

Don't Believe These Excuses Why You Can't Go To College

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  • May 13, 2019
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Everyone can go to college, regardless of circumstances. Here are some common excuses and the truth behind them.

Excuse: My grades aren't good enough.

There are many types of colleges with varying levels of entrance requirements. If you graduate from high school or have a GED, you can attend a community college. If your goal is a Bachelor's degree, you can always transfer to a 4-year institution later.

Excuse: I don't need a college degree for the job I want.

By 2020, 65% of jobs will require some type of postsecondary education or training. Even if the job you want now doesn't require a degree, it may require one in the future.

Excuse: I can't afford it.

You can pay for college. Thanks to the federal and state government, colleges and other organizations that provide financial aid to help pay for college, most students don't pay the "sticker" price. Learn how to pay for college.

Excuse: I don't know what I want to study.

College is a great time to explore new interests and discover passions. Many colleges don't require you to decide on a major right away and approximately a third of students end up changing their major during their first three years of college.