College Application Week is...

College Application Week is...

We learn so much from watching what you do! One of our favorite finds so far this year comes from Hermiston High School. They've put together a list of what College Application Week is - and isn't. Check it out!

College Application Week is
• a time to talk to adults about your plans after high school and how to get there.
• a chance to explore your options for life after high school.
• an opportunity to apply for the military, trade school, community college, apprenticeships, or to a university.
• meant to be a fun and supportive environment where you and your classmates begin or continue to plan your future.
• recognized by our state and our mayor as important enough to be officially declared in the state government as November is College Application Month and in the city of Hermiston November 4-7 is College Application Week.

College Application Week is not
• a time to avoid the Counseling Office because people are going to expect you to have your life figured out.
• a time to make final plans for after high school. That comes later in the year.
• meant to be scary or judgmental about what you have or have not done or do or do not already know.

Pretty great stuff, isn't it?