The 5 People to Talk to About College

The 5 People to Talk to About College

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  • Feb 09, 2018
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Relationships matter. Students can get support for their college and career aspirations from many people and are more likely to complete college if their parents and peers have high education expectations. Students should share their future goals with the following 5 types of people.


Parents are one of the most important influences on whether a student will or won't attend college.


Teachers and counselors can share their educational journeys: who helped them get to college, obstacles they faced along the way, what they thought they wanted to major in.


Students should talk to professionals in the career fields they are interested in to determine the type of education or training they will need to succeed.


Who you hang out with matters. Students should join clubs or activities to meet friends with similar goals and interests.

Other Supportive Adults

Coaches, bosses, religious leaders and other adults in the community can serve as mentors and champions. Admissions and financial aid professionals at colleges are also available for questions.