4 Conversations Families Should Have About College

4 Conversations Families Should Have About College

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  • May 11, 2018
Family Conversations to Have About College

Students are more likely to be successful with family support. These four conversations will help put everyone on the same page.

Future Goals

Students should share their aspirations with family members, who can help encourage them and keep them on track to follow their dreams.

What do you imagine yourself doing in 10 years? How will you get there?

College Expectations

Parents and family expectations play a big role in whether a student decides to attend college. Families can remind students of their expectations that they will continue their education after high school.

Education after high school is important. What expectations do you have for yourself?

College Preferences

Students and families should discuss the academic, social and financial factors to consider when choosing what schools to apply to or attend.

What would be your perfect college? Are you interested in going to a big or small school? Close to home or far away?


Have a conversation about the costs of college and how to pay. Get an estimate of your family's contribution using net price calculators and the FAFSA4Caster.

Can you explain to me the sticker price v. the net price of colleges with an example?

Get more conversation starters for every grade as part of our It's A Plan: College Checklists for families.