3 Things Students Can Do Now to Prep for College

3 Things Students Can Do Now to Prep for College

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  • Jun 08, 2018

No matter what grade students are in, there are things they (and their educators and families) can do to get ready for college.


  • Do well in school. Set goals, go to all your classes, do your best to get good grades, and get help when needed.
  • Take the right classes. Make sure you're on track to graduate and get into college and challenge yourself with honors or advanced classes.
  • Get organized. Practice good study habits, use a planner or calendar to keep track of deadline and find a system that works for you to keep papers organized.


  • Get involved. Participate in school and community activities including clubs, sports, volunteering or a part-time job.
  • Spend time with good people. Choose to hang out with friends that share positive goals and interests and find a mentor.
  • Make good choices. Be safe online and on your phone, avoid risky behaviors, and treat others with respect.


  • Explore college and career options. Make a list of interests and preferences and get to know colleges.
  • Learn about paying for college. Learn about the costs of college and ways to help pay for it. Set up and regularly contribute to a college savings account and make a list and apply to any available scholarships.

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